Wednesday, November 5, 2014

new house update

Sunday we ventured over to the new house so everyone could see the foundation. It was a beautiful day and being out there made me so excited to live out there. It was quiet and the view was gorgeous. I really feel lucky that this is where we will live and grow as a family...dream come true. The boys just kept saying over and over how happy and thankful they are for us getting them this house. Lots of good stuff I tell ya!

It's funny to me how small the pad looks. I mean really a 3400 sq ft house is going to fit on this??!! 

I finally got some great pics of the backyard. Cam walked me carefully to the back of the yard (I'm deathly afraid of snakes) so these shots are from the back corners looking over and up to the house.

And to top off the trip we did as any normal 21st century family would...we took a selfie ;)

Might not be a perfect pic but it's perfect for us! Our first family photo at the new house :) 

So the buyers accepted our counter offer on our current home and Monday we had the inspection. We are anxiously and not so patiently waiting the results. Also we found out that they want to move up the closing date to November 17. Say what??!! We still haven't decided on that yet but will update as soon as we hear something...anything...


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