Tuesday, November 25, 2014

framing stages

I decided to take a break from all the packing to give a little update on the new house.

The past couple of weeks a they have been framing. It's kind of funny that it's taking so long in comparison to other homes they are building, but we are the ONLY new 2 story home being built. So I'm pretty sure everything on this house is going to take a little longer ;)

Thanks to my trusty iphone camera I can see the actual dates I take pictures so we can see how long this is really taking. Last week we had a few rainy days so that stopped work at the house for 3 days. Other then that, it's really coming along!

November 11: Downstairs finished...laying upstairs floor.

November 12: Started framing upstairs

November 14: More framing upstairs

November 18: Roof beams up, finishing inside.

Garage and then behind master bath and bedroom. Upstairs Asher's room (in back), bathroom and Aiden's room (up front right over garage)

back of house

View from Asher's room. One of the best views in the house!

Living room wall of windows (kitchen to right)

November 24: Wall are going up!!!! Yay! We are suppose to have gorgeous weather this week so I'm really hoping that the outside walls will be finished. Then comes windows and lastly a roof!

Seeing the step by step is one of my favorite things ever. I just love seeing this home being built and documenting it. This is a truly amazing process :)


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