Thursday, November 13, 2014

DIY project #1

I plan on doing lots of new diy projects for the new house so I figured I'll just call these post pretty much what they are :)

First up was my china cabinet. 

This was the first piece Cameron and I bought together as a married couple for this house 11 years ago. While it no longer is our style I still love it and having it means the world to me. So after searching endlessly on pinterest I decided to give it a little make over with Annie Sloan chalk paint. Luckily a store just right down the street from where my boys go to school, sells it. I chose this color

because I think it will go well with the overall decor of the house. I've decided that this piece will go in the living room and instead of displaying our china will display pictures of us and family and other knick knack things that are important to us.

I have to admit I was very nervous about using this paint. After you paint you have to put on a wax coat. I have no idea why, but this step intimidated the h*ll out of me! I use this tutorial to get me through the process

After taking apart the doors and cleaning it up a bit I started painting. The best part about this paint is you don't have to sand or prime your piece! 

at about this point I was thinking what did I get myself into ;)

This paint is so easy to apply! I put 2 coats on (only waited 30 minutes in between to dry) and then had a few spots that needed touch ups. 

I waited until the next day to do the wax. It was crazy easy. I think it's funny how I freaked myself out for no reason ;) You apply the wax in a small sqaure or rectangle section and then wipe it with a non lent towel. If you don't wipe it, it becomes sticky. After I let the wax dry, I distressed it a little. This was a decision I made last minute. I hadn't planned to distress it but I figured a light distress would actually look really nice. I'm glad I did because I love it!

I had planned to get new hardware but because this is older I couldn't find and that was the right size. So I just spray painted the hardware it came with a metallic rust color. I'm happy I did that because it really shows character!

 finished product

I also chose not to paint the inside to add some depth. I do plan to put metal tiles on the back of it. I had to order them so I might have time before we move but if not I'll just do it when we move in. Here's the picture that inspired that decision.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!!!! So excited about putting this gorgeous piece in our new home :)


  1. Looks awesome! You are so talented my friend!