Monday, October 27, 2014

pumpkins, baseball and house update!

We have had a very busy (but fun) past week. Asher had his end of the season baseball tournament which resulted in a few late nights during the week for us. Add to that showing the house (which means keeping it constantly clean) and Cameron working all the time due to his busy season and that leads to a bunch of very exhausted family. Friday because I could barely get the kids out of bed for school because they didn't get to bed until 10pm Thursday night due to baseball, and Cameron informed he would be working late, I decided to bust the kids out of school early and head to a pumpkin patch. So I convinced my sister to do the same with my niece and off we went to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm and Pumpkin Patch. It was a super hot October day here in central Texas but we had a blast anyway! I loved surprising the boys by picking them up early. They came walking out as if something was wrong but smile quickly took over their little faces when they found out that for the day they had a cool mommy ;)

 Little Sissy was so stinking cute! She loved the pumpkins and just kept saying "mo punkins" "one punkin, two punkin" and "oh wow!"

We had an open house the weekend before with not a great turn out so our Realtor wanted to have another over this last weekend. I was not too keen on the idea but went with since we were going to be out of the house anyway due to baseball games. I was glad I did because we had 7 families come by! We are 2 interested but no offers yet so fingers crossed! 

As for baseball, well our Iron Birds won the championship! Not a bad way to end a busy week :)

And on the new home front, it seems every time I drive out there something new is happening...which is quite exciting! 

Looks like it's getting close to pouring the foundation! Woo hoo!!!!!


  1. Oh my, baby girl is looking SO grown up with her pretty blonde hair! Praying your house sells soon!

    1. Thanks Amy! We are working on growing that hair ;)