Friday, October 3, 2014

our lot

So here's our lot! It's a little over an acre with lots of trees. Wednesday we met our contractor Sam and laid out where the house will sit. Looking at the last picture is will sit straight back with the driveway going in on the left and curving towards the house. Thankfully we get to keep all the trees but one big cedar that we chose to cut down. So the house will be kind of hidden behind the trees. But it's a pretty big 2 story so not too hidden ;) I look forward to sitting on my front porch 

My favorite tree is this one. 
The first time we came out to the lot to show the boys they both started climbing it. I've always wanted big cool trees for them to explore and we will finally have that! Makes me heart happy :)

Here's a kind of view of the backyard
It's a side view of the looking past the trees is our backyard. It's open, flat and only has 1 big tree at the back corner. We are putting in a pool so it was important to us to find a lot with lots of trees in the front and little to none in the back. That's why we loved this lot!
And this is our view from the back of the fields.

I hope they never build houses back here. The plan (from what we've heard) is there might be a golf course built back here one day. That we would love so hopefully that's the plan.

I cannot wait! All the planning and picking out stuff is done for now on our part. Sam (the contractor) was so nice and I'm excited he's building our house. He agreed with all the changes we've made on the plan and just kept saying "I build beautiful houses so you can trust that yours will be perfect." Cameron and I left the meeting on cloud 9. We both completely trust him with our vision.

On another note, I will be off the blog for awhile. We leave Sunday for Disney World! I have lots of packing still to do and have to completely clean the house so the Realtor can show it while we are gone. When we get back I'm sure there will be a BIG post on our trip! :)


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