Thursday, October 30, 2014

our first offer!

Late last night, around 10:30pm to be exact, we got our first offer on the house! I was so excited...then confused...and then like what the heck, really??!! The price was lower then we thought and they want our playscape and TV's. After talking to Cameron and easing my mind we are counter offering this evening and now I'm SO super excited and hope this all goes through! Please say a little prayer for us if you get a chance :) 

I believe this guy had a part in this whole process and for that I am thankful

We prayed to him every time we had a showing and it's paying off. The power of prayer I tell ya!

Even if for some crazy reason this doesn't go through I am still very thankful that we did actually get an offer and it gives me hope that people really do like our house :)

Oh and did I mention IT'S AN ALL CASH OFFER!!!!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!!!!!


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