Friday, October 3, 2014

oh disney world

So I kind of lied in my last post...

I said it would be a week before I was back on but here I am not even a day later :) My mind just seems so insanely crammed with information I wanted to just sit down and write my feelings. What I really want to do is ask this all important question that has been on my mind for months..does every mom go out of control when planning a Disney trip? How many moms spend months, practically a year planning a trip for their family? I'm sitting here a day away from our Disney trip feeling exhausted and it hasn't even begun yet. I've been planning the trip, then planning the surprise on how to tell the boys (which turned out amazing ;)), planning character meals, matching clothes...yes people we have matching clothes for!!!!

The other day I sat down to type a little itinerary and ended up 4 hours later with an 11 page book binded together with a front to back cover. I mean seriously?! I feel like I have fallen off the deep end of Disney planning. was fun. I enjoyed every moment of it.

I cannot wait to see all 3 of my boys faces when we walk into Magic Kingdom Monday morning. Cameron has never been to Disney so through all the planning he just really didn't have any idea how great this trip really will be. But he will see...and I will get to see it on his face. And the boys. One thing about my boys is they never disappoint. I've had people say to me before how they love how excited my boys get about everything! They really do and it's fabulous. Maybe it was me that made them that way because I myself get a little too excited about things but I have to say it's one of my favorite things about them :) I know they will have the time of their life and their excitement will make all this planning feel like it was worth something. That moment I will cherish forever.


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