Wednesday, October 29, 2014

it's foundation day!!!!

Hallelujah!!!!! Cameron stopped by the new house this morning to see this


I'm so super excited! I will definitely be stopping by myself to get a closer look ;)

And on the home selling front we had our 1st second showing last night! A couple came by Monday afternoon to look at the house and instead of running errands like I usually do I did a little spying, ha! I parked my car on a cross street with a good view of the house. I watched them go in and come out. As they were coming out they were really checking out the house and street. I figured that might be a good sign. Monday evening we heard from our Realtor that they wanted to see the house again yesterday evening. We were pretty stoked and I spent most of yesterday doing a little extra tweaking to the house to make it perfect! I left around 6:10pm, they were scheduled to come at 6:15pm, ran to the grocery store, came back at 7:28pm and they were still here! OMG I was SO excited! Plus there were 4 cars outside the house. I slowly drove down the street and saw a bunch of people standing in the living room (which is have to say was so super weird) and it looked like a couple and maybe their parents. So now we wait...and wait...and I'm usually a pretty relaxed, patient person but not now. I'm freaking out and anytime the phone rings or I get an email on my phone I think it's the Realtor. Even if for some reason they don't make an offer I still feel okay about it because we do have 2 other families interested. 



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