Monday, October 20, 2014

house update

After we got back from Disney, we had a family come and look at our current home Sunday. So while the boys were in religion class Cameron and I decided to drive out to the new house. To our surprise this is what we saw!

After our meeting with Sam (construction guy) we were thinking that maybe the land would be cleared. We were overjoyed to see the frame for the foundation. 

We walked on it and I finally got a great picture of the backyard.

Then last Wednesday I took my parents out to the lot for the first time and to my surprise they were putting in the plumbing! Ahhhh!!!! It's just so exciting and getting SO real. I love how the boys are getting to see each step in the building process. It is funny that while I was memorized at the machine digging the plumbing holes Aiden was more interested in poking a cactus with a stick and Asher was throwing rocks ;) 

As for the selling process I guess it's going well. We've had 7 showings with 2 families that seemed interested. One was over the weekend but they are currently in a rent house and have their lease to deal with. Our Realtor says that even the people who are not interested are commenting on how beautiful and well kept the house is and how they love the location. So far the only hold backs are they need a bigger house, smaller house and no 2 story. So it makes me feel good that they do love the house and the things they need are things we can't change. 

Look later this week for a bathrooms post! 


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