Thursday, October 16, 2014

Disney World!

We are back! 

And I think I might finally be recovered ;) I never in a million years imagined how insanely exhausted we would be. And the laundry...holy moly!

But we had an amazing time...better then I ever imagined. My heart is happy and full and I am already looking forward to when we take Amelia in 5 years. Yes...we are waiting until she is 7. I saw way too many screaming toddlers that it scarred me. And I'm a mom of 3, I thought nothing could scare me. I was wrong. The thought of pushing a stroller with a screaming toddler through"the happiest place in the world" scares me to death ;)

Okay on to the pictures!

This trip was the first time the boys had ever been flying! They were SO excited. I made them cute shirts that said "Going to Disney World." It was fun having people comment on them :)
you are being for warned that Asher has a very had time acting normal in pictures

As we were getting on the plane the pilot asked the boys if they wanted to try out flying the plane. Aiden was nervous about it and thought he was serious...Asher really wanted to ;)

Once in Florida we headed to our resort. It was SO nice! I was shocked. We stayed at the Disney All Star Sports resort. It was one of the least expensive resorts and some of the reviews I read were questionable. However I have no idea what those people were talking about. It was super nice, clean and perfect size room.
right outside our door

So our first stop on our trip was breakfast with Mickey and then Magic Kingdom! I have to say that I was a little taken back at how busy it was. The place was seriously packed!!! People had told me how nice it would be with no waits and that's what I was expecting. Oh no...we had more then a few 60 minute waits for rides. My advice is to always expect it to be busy, then you might be pleasantly surprised ;) Oh and that itinerary I spent 4 hours making. It was totally worth it. It kept us on track and we did every ride that we wanted! Plus it was nice to write what we liked and didn't for next time. I highly recommend taking the time to do one.

One of our favorite parts of MK was meeting Mickey in the Town Square. It's the only Mickey (or character) that actually talks. It was pretty magical...I recommend it to everyone! When we left Aiden looked at me and said "I think that was the real Mickey."

really Asher?!

We met lots of other characters at the parks as well

 I mean really Asher? You know it's going to be bad when the photographer can't stop laughing ;)

We rode lots of rides! Some of these pics are my favorite! I was so proud of Asher for going on all the rides. Aiden is our little dare devil so he was practically running to them. Asher was pretty nervous on most (that's why I'm holding him in a few pics) but he was super brave and the only ride he didn't like was Tower of Terror.
This is my fav...priceless! Ha!

We visited all 4 parks...Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

At Hollywood Studios the boys did Jedi Training. They loved...and so did their dad. After the training Darth Vader comes in and they fight him. 

We also went to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. This was our favorite part of the whole trip! I highly recommend it to anyone who goes in September or October. It was so fun, had the best parades and the best fireworks I've ever seen. Plus they only sell a certain number of tickets so the park wasn't crowded at all. It was some serious fun!

The Headless Horseman brings in the parade. Very cool and a little spooky!

I have many, many more pictures (321 to be exact) so choosing only a few was hard. But I chose most of my favs. We had an amazing trip and I truly feel lucky we were able to go. I cannot wait to go back with my little Milly...5 years though...I promise!


  1. Oh my gosh these are the best pictures EVER! What a wonderful trip!!!!!