Wednesday, September 10, 2014

new house floor plan

So one of the things I immediately fell in love with was this floor plan. I mean seriously, it couldn't be more perfect for our family then if we designed it ourselves. It has tons of rooms, bathrooms and closets. thing the house we live in now is lacking causing the ones we do have to be overflowing. I.cannot.wait!
Here's a computer generated image of the front of the house. On the right side of the blog is an actual picture of the house. The neighborhood we are moving into hasn't built this model yet so we were really going into this whole building a home thing pretty blind. Our rep from the home builder told us that there was a model build in another neighborhood about an hour away from us. So one Friday Cameron and I drove out there because seriously I had to walk through the house. It's one thing to fall in love with the floor plan but I needed to see it. See the walls, how long the hallways were, how big the rooms were. Numbers don't work for me, I needed a visual. As we pulled up to our surprise the house was the exact stucco  and stone we had chose for ours. So the house on the right is pretty much exactly what our home will look like (but we will have a ton more trees!).

Okay back on track...

Here's the floor plan

One thing I've always wanted for the boys was to have a jack and jill bathroom. When I first saw this floor plan that was one of the huge selling points for me. Right now they share a room but in the new house they won't. So I love that with the bathroom doors open they can see into each other's rooms. We are also going to place their beds so when they are in them at night they can see each other. My boys are best friends. I am really lucky that they get along so well and genuinely love each other's company. Milly's room will be over on the left upstairs which leaves the bedroom downstairs as a guest room.
The study will be a homework room for now. We are going to put a big long table in there with chairs for all the kids. I love that they can sit in there are get their work done and I'll just be a few steps away in the kitchen or living room. Oh and I have so many ideas for decorating that room cute...eeekkk!!!!

We've already picked out all the deco for the house so post on that will be coming soon! But first my baby is turning 2 tomorrow! Where has the time gone ;( Off to finish up some last minute deets for her party tomorrow...


  1. Love the idea of a homework room!!!! I may need to change my formal dining into that!