Sunday, September 14, 2014

it's up

The for sale sign that is. Friday evening our realtor called and asked if he could show our house Saturday afternoon. Considering the actual listing date is October 9th to say we were a little thrown off guard would be the understatement of the century! He was showing the house across the street and figured why not show ours. This brought up a lot of emotions for me. First of all I am not at all ready to move. So the thought of someone liking and wanting our house freaked me out. We are going to Disney for a week at the beginning of October (hence our listing date) and packing and moving before that are seriously out of the question. Secondly this was our first showing...the first time a total stranger walked through our house and nit picked everything. I felt a little defensive of my house. I love this house. If it was a little bigger and on a little more land we could be happy here the rest of our lives. We've upgraded every room and they are gorgeous! Would they realize that when they walk through the front door that each of our babies were carried through it the first time they came home? When they looked in the bathroom how many happy memories we have of the kids bathing together and splashing everywhere? 

No of course they won't. 

It's all part of the process. 

They of course need to imagine themselves here and all the new memories they can make. That is why as you walk through my house you will not see a single picture of the faces that I love so much. The walls are bare and generic in hopes that a new family will walk through the door and picture all the amazing memories that they can make in this gorgeous home.

Yesterday was a day of firsts for us. Our first showing and first for sale sign. The couple that looked at the house weren't interested. They were older and the house was too big for them. I was informed though, that they thought it was beautiful and would make a perfect home for someone else. 

So our journey continues and as more strangers come walking through the front door I am sad and excited for the one family to walk through and feel at home. Just like Cameron and I did as newlyweds 11 years ago.


  1. Would love to hear an update about how things are going with showing your house!