Wednesday, September 17, 2014

first of many

So here is my first of probably many vents...

A month ago this Thursday, Cameron and I went to deco to pick out all the finishes of our new home. The builder was very adamant that we get in and out of deco in 10 days. We had to 2-2 hour meetings to pretty much pick out every single detail of the house. Thankfully we were prepared. Thanks mostly to Pinterest ;) I pretty much knew what I wanted the house to look like and Cameron agreed. It's nice that we have the same taste in home decor! So back up to that first meeting. We actually had a really great time picking everything out and our design consultant was super nice! So we scheduled our next meeting for the following week. Things at this point moving along quickly and we were very excited. 

Fast forward to now.

That second meeting...well it's been rescheduled 4 times. It just happens that after we signed all the papers for this house, Jimmy Jacobs (our home builder) was selling out to a larger home builder Drees. So as this process for them has been going on our actual home plans have been put on hold. They have to be approved by the new builder before they can be sent to deco and deco can't give us a final estimate until they have the actual floor plans. So in other words, it's a huge big mess! A huge mess that we have no control over, which for Cameron and I poses a predicament. WE ARE SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!! When we started this whole process we told our representative from JJ that we needed everything done with the planning before we left for our Disney trip Oct 5 so they could start building. She assured us that it would all be finished mid September.

And here we are...mid September and no end in sight.

The house plans have been approved so now we are just waiting for deco to finish the estimates and call us back out. We have 18 days until we leave for Disney and still so much to do before they can start building. We have to finish deco, meet with the builder on our lot and decide where the house will be placed, which trees we want to keep and where the driveway will be placed. All of this within 18 days and that's not counting weekends. To say we are stressed would be the understatement of the century.

When all this is done I know we are going to look back and think how worth it the whole process was. As of right now I can't stop asking myself if we are really making the right decision with this whole moving and building a new home. I know this is only the first a many stresses we will face so I am going to do my best to sit back and breathe and give this process to God for I know he will take care of us :)


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