Tuesday, September 23, 2014

dining/breakfast room

One thing we knew we wanted with this house was 1 dining space. I know most people are thinking what??!! but honestly we just don't need 2 spaces. Our current house has 2 and I can count on 2 hands how many times we've needed both in 11 years. So happily I found this house plan that has 1 pretty large dining space.
So here is where we are talking about

And here's a picture of it in the model home we looked at (those cabinets on the floor obviously won't be there)

So there are windows on 2 sides leaving one half wall with nothing on it. We have a beautiful china cabinet that I just cannot part with. It was the first piece of furniture Cameron and I bought together for this house so it's special. It is however, not at all our style anymore.

One of my goals is to refinish it to look something like one of these

Wish me luck on this project! Ha!

Our old table we are getting rid of. It's not at all my style and was loan to us by my mother in law. We are giving it back to her and I am finally getting the table I want! Yay! 

What I do want is a giant wood table that seats 8. I haven't decided if I want a white wash wood table or just a stained wood table but I do know one thing. I want it worn down looking and I want metal chairs. I'm hoping it looks something like this

On one episode of Fixer Upper I saw Joanna put a china cabinet in the living room and filled it with books and pictures. If we decide to do that I want a little mural wall on the empty wall. With something maybe like this

Here is my current mural wall in my breakfast room so I would add these pieces as well

And of course throw in a few photos of my favorite faces because I will have room

So there you have dream eating space to feed the people that are most important to me :)

And some great news on the building we are meeting with the design team to finish the details! Yay!!!!! Tomorrow I will post pictures of the final design picks we made.


  1. Your table and chair idea reminds of me of Molly's new table. She had Patrick build so it would be just the right size for the room and she got the metal chairs from Ikea. So cute!