Tuesday, January 17, 2017

the long weekend

I am happily sitting in my clean (thanks to my housekeeper) quiet home this dreary Tuesday here in Central Texas. I have to say I wish that Mondays were just part of the weekend. Waking my kids up today was so much easier with that extra day of rest.

We love the weekends over here 😊

We got so much done over the past weekend and that alone felt very nice. Friday I redid my dining area and put out all my Valentine's decorations. I just love this time of year. While most people are in a holiday hangover, this time of year takes me back to when I was pregnant with Aiden. We were anxiously waiting his arrival being that his due date was January 31. Also, being my first baby, we weren't sure when he was coming. So with all of that January is one of my favorite months because of those sweet memories. 

Both the boys had their first basketball games of the season this weekend! I didn't take any pictures because at both games my phone was almost dead. So this weekend I will charge charge charge it so I can take some pictures 😉 We are a huge sports family and I thoroughly enjoy watching my boys play sports. Cameron is the coach of both of their teams and watching him with the boys makes me happy. Coaches put so much work in their teams and many times parents really have no idea what goes on. It makes me proud how important it is for him to be there for his boys. He's a great example to all the boys on the team but especially to ours. 

Other then that we have had a revolving door or workers out at the house working on the shop in the backyard.

It's coming along so fast and everyday once everyone leaves we all head out there to see what's been done. Maybe not too long of course depending on weather, which ours has been pretty nasty lately.

Sunday we headed to church and the kids looked adorable!

I could look at this picture a thousand times...lucky they are mine.

Since my word of the year is SIMPLIFY I have been cleaning out closets and getting rid of things we no longer need. What a fabulous feeling this is! In my big clean out I found Milly's baby book and sadly saw how bare it was.

I was great at keeping up with her first year but then nothing. So last week I ordered pictures to update her book. Since our Sunday afternoon consisted of watching the Cowboys lose (still heartbroken) I decided it was the perfect time to update.

Now it's much better! I wanted her book to be just as nice as her brothers. I seriously kept up with everything for them. I didn't want her to fall into the infamous last baby trap with no baby book or pictures I hear from so many last babies.

Monday was no school (yay!!!) and our housekeeper was coming so we had to get out of the house. We met up with my sister and niece and walked around Bass Pro Shops and then bowled.

My kids are crazy. 

If you follow me on Instagram I insta-storied (seriously that's prob not even a word 😂) our shopping trip. They were funny! If I could have I would have shown all the people staring at my kids (and niece) like they had something wrong with them. Guess it's not okay to just have fun anymore in public?!

After a little shopping over to bowling we went where I whooped up on everyone. I have this crazy competitive side of me that no one would probably guess. I'm not even kidding...any sport activity where my family is involved I win at. I just can't help myself 😉 

And that is all for now! 

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2017

travels to east texas

We spent New Year's Eve in East Texas at my grandparents house. My grandpa came down with pneumonia the week of Christmas. We were all very worried about him being that when a 95 year old man comes down with pneumonia it can be bad. He is a fighter though and only spent a few days in the hospital. Once he came home my Grandma called my dad and asked if we would all come down and ring in the new year with them. How could we say no?!

I absolutely love going to my grandparents home. It smells the same as when I was a kid, looks the same and has the same welcoming feeling. Every time I walk through the door I am immediately taken back to my childhood. It's pretty awesome. I love sharing these things with my kids now.

We also got to hang out with cousins we don't get too see very often. I seriously could have taken Wren home with me...she is the sweetest!

One thing we always do when visiting is head out to my grandpa's tree farm. He owns 100 acres full of beautiful pine trees. Hiking around the farm was perfect! All the kids loved it and really had the best time. 

They also enjoyed shooting guns. I have grown up around guns so this is normal for us but I must say watching my kids do it made me VERY nervous! They had a blast though 😉

We left their house New Year's Day morning and on the way home stopped by Cameron's dads house for a short visit. The kids LOVE going to his house. He has all kinds of fun "toys" for them to play around on.

We left later that evening and headed back to central Texas. My city kids sure did have fun living the country life for the weekend. As we were driving home Aiden asked if we could buy some land so we could do that more often.

 Maybe one day son 😊

Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 so far

We are slowly getting back into our grove with the kids starting school this week. They went back mid week which was also quite nice being that sometimes it's easier to get back in the groove with a short week. I was going to wait until after Sunday to take down Christmas since it's not technically over but once all the kids were gone I found some motivation buried deep deep down to put it up 😉 

It was buried REALLY deep down...

I still have a few things in the kitchen that need to find their home in the attic and all my Tupperwares are sitting outside the attic door but for the most part our home is getting back to normal. 

I absolutely love the Advent and Christmas season but I also love the feeling of a clean, less cluttery (is that a word?) home just as much. This morning I sat by the fire with my coffee and looked around and just enjoyed the simplicity of our living room. 

I changed our mantle decor a little

I just loved this picture of this kids so much! It's a metal print from Mpix, which I must say is my new go to for ordering prints. When my pictures came in I might have cried happy tears. They are absolutely gorgeous!

I also added this piece from the dining room to this wall to store some of the kids new games and toys. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. And now I get to order a new piece for the dining room which makes me equally as happy 👊👌

Life is slowly get back to normal 😊

I am really embracing my word of the year SIMPLIFY so far. I have gone through both boys rooms and bathrooms and cleaned them out majorly. I also took Aiden's comforter and throw pillows off his bed so he can make it easier. He isn't a professional bed maker and those things always ended up just making his bed look messy. To remedy this, I bought him a heavier blanket and we are using that as his comforter. Asher has never really had a problem making his bed and he loves all his throw pillows so his stayed the same. I also took things from other rooms and helped to organize their bathroom for them (post to come on that). It's amazing how little changes can really make life easier.

Milly's room had a major overhaul this week as well. She received some pretty big presents this year and I really wanted them in her room and not the playroom. The way her furniture was arranged it wasn't going to all fit. It took a little over 2 hours for me to completely revamp her room and now it's perfect! ( on that later).

SIMPLIFYing my house is proving to be quite therapeutic for me. 

Other then all that fun we had the pleasure of meeting our newest little framily member Baby Jeffery

He is just about the sweetest little thing I have ever held (aside from my own babies of course 😉) Brand new squishy little newborns has to be one of the best gift God gives us. 

Now I am off for more organzing/cleaning mixed in with some playing with the kids and cooking some nice warm soup on this cold January Saturday here in Central Texas ⛄

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

hello 2017...and the best of 2016!

Happy New Year friends!!!!!!

We rang in the new year with my family including my 95 year old grandpa! It was quite special and one I will remember for a looooong time 😊 I have tons of pictures from the trip I need to get off my camera and edit so a longer post about that is coming.

2016 was a fabulous year for our family...maybe the best one yet?! I saw on social media how so many people hated 2016 and honestly it made me feel sad. I know a lot has to do with celebrities dying and the presidential election but honestly I am never ever going to let that stuff dictate my life. We were healthy, happy, had food in the fridge, a roof over our head, lots of love between us, therefore 2016 was a success 👍

I am so excited about 2017 though. I absolutely love a new year! Something about starting fresh and getting another chance at another year to make your dreams come true just excites me. This year my word for the year is


Last year there were way too many times I found myself insanely overwhelmed. This year I am going to simplify my life, take things a little slower and just really enjoy the days. I look back on 2016 and it flew by! I feel like were just celebrating that new year yet here we are a year later. Was it a great year...absolutely! But it went too fast and it's because I was too busy and a large majority of the year life felt very hectic. So I am super looking forward to simplifying everything. 

Now looking back one last time here's the best of 2016!
I do these mostly for myself but I hope you enjoy 😊

ringing in the new year in Taos

Aiden turning 10 & our Valentine's Date



Asher turning 9 and celebrating Aiden's perfect attendance!

Dance Recital, California trip & Beach trip

Big Grandpa turning 95!

Back to School 

Milly turning 4!

California family trip & Halloween

Sea World & Thanksgiving


Hope everyone has a very blessed 2017!!!!!!