Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The season of Lent is upon us again. 

As usual we started off our Lent with ashes at Mass.

I also participated in fasting on Ash Wednesday which I haven't done in a very long time. I always made excuses to why I couldn't and even going into this year those long excuses started swirling in my head again. 

"I'm a mom, I can't fast."

"How will I take proper care of my kids if I'm starving!"

Well, I fasted and survived and my kids did as well.😉 And the thing is it wasn't all that bad 😊 I'm seeing more and more how the world we live in is trying to convince us that to be happy we have to comfortable. That is so far from the truth. A little sacrifice and making yourself uncomfortable can really go a long way. 

I have always loved Lent. It's a new beginning, a time to reevaluate your life, to step back and acknowledge your sins and why you are committing them. As usual everyone in the family (except Milly) gives up something. This year I wanted to add something to the mix so not only are we giving up something, we are also making an effort to do something. So everyone picked one thing they are going to try and do. It's been pretty great and I see the Holy Spirit working in all of our hearts.Lent is suppose to bring us closer to Jesus. To see him on the cross and why he died for us. When my boys are struggling with what they gave up I remind them of this. It always seems to soften their hearts. I mean c'mom, Jesus died for us we can at least not eat candy for 40 days right??!! Technically in the church, you are not required to participate in the Lenten fasts until you are 14 but I remember as a child starting this very young. It's really amazing what kids can do or what they can be held accountable for if you just encourage them. And the best part is seeing them on Holy Saturday enjoying the fruits of their labor. 

Before Lent I went on a HUGE "simplifying" journey of my life and home (blog post on that coming up). I cleaned out EVERYTHING! I had not planned to finish right before Lent started but I did and of course that seems so appropriate now. I simplified my life and home and now through Lent I will simplify my heart. I have kind of recently fallen in love with journalling. I wake up every morning (weekdays) at 5:30am and read the Bible and then journal. I was so happy and excited when one of my fav websites created this Lenten Journal

It's so beautiful and every morning I look forward to sitting alone reading the words and reflecting. It's helping to make my Lent more meaningful as I ponder daily readings and questions. I think you can still buy a digital copy and I did this last year and printed it myself. It worked just as well!

1st Sunday of Lent

My poor Asher man woke up sick Sunday so it was just the 3 of us for Mass. We found out yesterday the poor guy has the flu. Major bummer!

 "As Lent is the time for greater love, listen to Jesus' thirst...'Repent and believe' Jesus tells us. What are we to repent? Our indifference, our hardness of heart. What are we to believe? Jesus thirsts even now, in your heart and in the poor -- He knows your weakness. He wants only your love, wants only the chance to love you." 

-- Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Thursday, February 23, 2017

that time they stuck a micro drill in my son's eye...

More on that in a bit 😉

This past week has been nuts. I am so exhausted and barely able to function thanks to lack of sleep from a sick child. I completely forgot how wonderful it feels to sleep all night. 

Let's rewind...

Last Thursday Aiden got in the car itching his eye. Being that he is allergic to EVERYTHING on God's green Earth this was not out of the ordinary at all. We went home, put in eye drops and that was the end of that. Friday morning it was a little red and still itchy. More eye drops, sent him to school and for the most part I thought all was fine in the world. Picked him up Friday his eye was SO red. Like seriously fiery red. I like to pride myself in being the mom that doesn't overreact or freak out easily (might need to rethink this one) so I just took him home, eye dropped him again, put a warm towel on it and let it go. Saturday morning his eye was less red but still bothered him. I did think he might have pink eye but my kids have never had pink eye so I thought that it seemed weird he would finally be getting it. Now I have had pink eye so I know the number one thing is a gooey eye (sorry I know super gross). Here's the thing...there was no goo. Just really really watery. So back to the eye drops we went, I took him to bowling where of course he bowled his highest series ever!!!! With 1 working eye. So crazy this boy 😊 After we left I drove over to the local weekend clinic to see if they could help us out.

I was to stop here and say that I swear if something crazy is going to happen to my kids it is almost ALWAYS on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!!! I mean c'mon!

When we got there I was greeted by a very loud and full of information woman who informed me that she had been there since 9am (it was 11:30) and the nurse had only seen 2 patients. So we sat there for an hour and the patient that had been in there when we got there had still not come out. So I looked very closely at Aiden's eye and could see a small white dot right in the center of it. He has scratched his eye before and this is what it looked like. So I text a friend, googled eye injuries and came to the conclusion that it was not infected (because no longer red and only watering) and that eye's can actually heal themselves. So I bought a patch some eye rinse and off we went. For the rest of the day and the next day his eye started looking really good. Not red at all, we flushed it, kept it covered and I felt like he was on the mend. It did still bother him but it wasn't as bad as the day before.

Sunday morning I wake up excited about a baby shower I was hosting only to hear my poor little Milly crying upstairs for me. She was sick. She had fever and was coughing. 

I mean c'mon kids!!!!!!! Give Momma a break!

I mortin'd her up and 3 hours later she was a new person. I thought the fever might have been a fluke and she REALLY wanted to go to the shower with me. So off we went (in hindsight this was a TERRIBLE idea).

She pretty much started going downhill right when the shower started but it was fun and my aunt and the mom to be were happy I brought her...fever and all

Monday I was feeling hopeful that my family would be back to normal but boy was I wrong. Being that we had the day off from school I was looking forward to doing something fun with the kids.  Aiden's eye still hurt and Milly was even sicker then Sunday. We pretty much spent the entire day laying in my bed.

I did however manage to clean out my dresser and completely go through and clean the room...baseboards and all. I also redid my nightstand which I LOVE!

I found these metal picture hangers at Michael's back in the fall for $8 each and they've just been sitting in a closet waiting for the perfect spot to go.

Tuesday was the day both my kiddos were finally going to the doctor. Milly was feeling really rotten and had an awful night so I was pretty hopeful to get a diagnosis. She had walking pneumonia 😟 The pediatrician really wasn't sure about Aiden and being that his eye had been bothering him for so many days recommend we went to an eye doctor. So the day my daughter is sick with walking pneumonia we pretty much spent the entire day in the car. Not fun.

I called our eye doctor and got him in pretty quickly. Once there I told him that we thought Aiden scratched his eye. To my complete shock after he looked at Aiden's eye with his fancy magnifying eye looker thing he informed us Aiden actually had an object embedded in his eye.

SAY WHAT???!!!

20 minutes later after a couple of techniques failed to get it out, he dilated Aiden's eye, gave him numbing eye drops and used a micro drill to get it out. I swear I have PTSD from this. It freaked me out so bad! Aiden, on the other hand was a trooper. He was completely still and focused. The good news...he got it out. The even better news...Aiden's eye went from watering and hurting to completely fine! We are having to do antibiotic eye drops to keep it from getting infected but he's back to normal.

Rockin the dilated pupil 👊

It has been a week I tell ya. Being a mom is one adventure after another 😊 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 kirchoff's sunday best

This year is flying by! I can't believe we are halfway through February. 


Here are all of our Sunday pictures so far this year. I love taking these and seeing how the kids change through out the year. 

Today we are not going to mass because I have one sick baby girl and a big boy with an eye infection. And of course all this has to happen on the day/weekend I am hosting a baby shower. Wish me luck today 😉

Happy Sunday!

Here is some inspiration if needed...because well who doesn't need it 👐

"Starting today, work to develop a habit of uniting your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical sufferings to Christ crucified, and you will find grace."

Read the rest here

Friday, February 17, 2017

aiden is 11

Aiden turned 11 on February 1. 

I really cannot believe I have an 11 year old. I know I say it every year but man how is it that I have such big kids now??!! I really don't feel qualified at all to have a pre teen. 

However I cannot stop time so my only plan is to just get myself prepared one way or another 😉 Luckily Aiden is an amazing kid. He's so sweet and kind and all his teachers he's ever had love him. They still stop him at school to hug him and ask how he's doing. They constantly tell me how lucky I am to have him. Of course I already know this but hearing it is always nice 😊

These 2 have been best friends since they were 3!

Aiden is slowly getting taller and there are morning when he comes downstairs that I can look at him and physically see he grew over night. He is creeping up and now when he hugs me his head sits right at my chin. I know it won't be long when I hug him that my head sits at his chin. This thought use to scare me but not anymore. I kind of look forward to my big man child hugging me 😋

Dear Aiden,
I feel like my life began 11 years ago when you were born. I was so lost in the world and then there you were and gave my life so much meaning. You were the missing puzzle piece to who I was meant to be. You allowed to me to begin a new adventure, my new purpose in life as being a mom. You are smart, funny, sweet, so kind, give the best hugs and snuggles, determined, competitive and the best son and brother that your dad and I could ever ask for. When I think of your future I am not scared of what lies ahead but so very excited and thankful for the journey that you will take us on. I love you sweet boy.
Love, Mom

Friday, January 20, 2017

a little escondido update

Last week I made a few new updates to our home. I have been wanting to spruce up the dining area a bit. Along with that I have also been wanting to add a "family faith space" somewhere in the house. It occurred to me that this little wall in the dining area would be the perfect place. This is where we all gather everyday as a family, so it just seemed fitting that it was in this room.

We use to have the smaller blue cabinet (now in the living room) but it always seemed just a bit too small for the wall. I ordered this grey bookshelf from Target and it fits perfectly! Not only is it cute but very functional and now can display some of my favorite colorful dishes. With the shelf being just plain grey, I thought it would be fun to spruce it up a bit with some peel and stick wallpaper for the back. In my mind I imagined a beautiful floral print. Well, reality is quite different and finding any peel and stick wall paper that didn't look like it was from 1980 was pretty hard. So I settle for this fake wood design.

Applying this to the back piece of the furniture was kind of a nightmare. I probably should have measured and cut smaller pieces to apply but instead I just measured, cut the entire piece and then unpeeled the entire piece and let's just say EVERY.SINGLE.THING in the vicinity stuck to it!!!! Omg I had a small panic moment over it. Thankfully I got it on and it looks good.

My original plan for the top of the Mary and Jesus picture, the beautiful Jesus picture, a crystal box for the rosaries and then flowers. However, once I started putting things in place my design mind starting working overtime. The Jesus print looked so pretty in the blue frame and the blue frame stays on this shelf because it can't stand on it's own. I also loved the way it looked with the candle holders that I was going to take down since they were Christmas decorations.

After that decision was made I realized I now had a huge empty spot on my tabletop. Then it came it me...what if I put the picture of St. Peter's Basilica there. 

We received this gorgeous picture from the company that sent us to Rome shortly after we got home from our trip. It's been sitting in our guest bedroom since May because I just had no idea where to put it. I worried it might too big but to my thankful surprise it was perfect!

the glare in this room is soooo bad!!!!

Other then the dining space, I added Valentine's decorations in the kitchen and entry way.

All of the printable are from the blog I should be mopping the floor. Most of the other decor is from Target. 

I just LOVE Valentine's day and all the decorations for it. It's one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.

I also added a holy water font by our front door.

And I added this basket for people who come over to put their smaller things it. Or just because it's a really cute basket that fit perfectly in this spot. 😉

I always find making little updates to the house fun. It's something I very much enjoy and my family does as well. 

We have been chugging along quite nicely in our liturgical year so look next week on how we are celebrating. Should be interesting 😊

Happy Weekend!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

the long weekend

I am happily sitting in my clean (thanks to my housekeeper) quiet home this dreary Tuesday here in Central Texas. I have to say I wish that Mondays were just part of the weekend. Waking my kids up today was so much easier with that extra day of rest.

We love the weekends over here 😊

We got so much done over the past weekend and that alone felt very nice. Friday I redid my dining area and put out all my Valentine's decorations. I just love this time of year. While most people are in a holiday hangover, this time of year takes me back to when I was pregnant with Aiden. We were anxiously waiting his arrival being that his due date was January 31. Also, being my first baby, we weren't sure when he was coming. So with all of that January is one of my favorite months because of those sweet memories. 

Both the boys had their first basketball games of the season this weekend! I didn't take any pictures because at both games my phone was almost dead. So this weekend I will charge charge charge it so I can take some pictures 😉 We are a huge sports family and I thoroughly enjoy watching my boys play sports. Cameron is the coach of both of their teams and watching him with the boys makes me happy. Coaches put so much work in their teams and many times parents really have no idea what goes on. It makes me proud how important it is for him to be there for his boys. He's a great example to all the boys on the team but especially to ours. 

Other then that we have had a revolving door or workers out at the house working on the shop in the backyard.

It's coming along so fast and everyday once everyone leaves we all head out there to see what's been done. Maybe not too long of course depending on weather, which ours has been pretty nasty lately.

Sunday we headed to church and the kids looked adorable!

I could look at this picture a thousand times...lucky they are mine.

Since my word of the year is SIMPLIFY I have been cleaning out closets and getting rid of things we no longer need. What a fabulous feeling this is! In my big clean out I found Milly's baby book and sadly saw how bare it was.

I was great at keeping up with her first year but then nothing. So last week I ordered pictures to update her book. Since our Sunday afternoon consisted of watching the Cowboys lose (still heartbroken) I decided it was the perfect time to update.

Now it's much better! I wanted her book to be just as nice as her brothers. I seriously kept up with everything for them. I didn't want her to fall into the infamous last baby trap with no baby book or pictures I hear from so many last babies.

Monday was no school (yay!!!) and our housekeeper was coming so we had to get out of the house. We met up with my sister and niece and walked around Bass Pro Shops and then bowled.

My kids are crazy. 

If you follow me on Instagram I insta-storied (seriously that's prob not even a word 😂) our shopping trip. They were funny! If I could have I would have shown all the people staring at my kids (and niece) like they had something wrong with them. Guess it's not okay to just have fun anymore in public?!

After a little shopping over to bowling we went where I whooped up on everyone. I have this crazy competitive side of me that no one would probably guess. I'm not even kidding...any sport activity where my family is involved I win at. I just can't help myself 😉 

And that is all for now! 

Happy Tuesday!!!!